CMA Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Forming and supporting current and future physicians to live and promote the principles of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine.

Our Vision:

Inspiring Physicians to Imitate Jesus Christ.


Front row from left: Dr. Mary Ann Sorra (BG-CMA Past President); Dr. Shirley Reddoch (BG-CMA Past President)

Back Row from left: Dr. Marie-Alberte Boursiquot (National CMA Past President &  BG-CMA Past President); Dr. Robert Sawyer (BG-CMA Past President); Dr. Jonathan Reyes (guest speaker, USCCB Executive Director — Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development);  Dr. Damian Birchess (BG-CMA Past President); Fr. Michael DeAscanis (BG-CMA Chaplain); Dr. Louis Breschi (National CMA Past President & BG-CMA Past President); Dr. Ruben Ballasteros (Past BG-CMA Secretary)