A Note from the President

January 3rd, 2022

Dear Baltimore Guild Members, Friends and Colleagues in Healthcare,

“Do not be afraid; for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy…a savior has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord.”   –Luke 2:10

I meditated on this verse during Christmas Mass.  It served as an antidote to my heavy heart.  COVID was rampant and filling our hospitals again, family Christmas got downsized and it seemed so many were sagging under their personal burdens.  Yet in the midst of this grief and frustration, our Lord chooses to come to me and to you; to be a light in the darkness and consolation for our sorrow. Yes!  There is still joy for those who hope in Him. In that spirit, I offer a greeting of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

The isolation that the pandemic imposes truly emphasizes that we long for relationship with others, that we were made to be in community.  I am grateful to have found community in the Catholic Medical Association – doctors and healthcare professionals who strive to live out their faith in their practice of medicine. The Baltimore Guild CMA is a vital voice in Maryland that insists that every person and patient is made in the image and likeness of God, valuable from the moment of conception to natural death.

We had hoped to start the New Year with our usual Fellowship Breakfast and Mass. Regretfully,  plans for in-person meetings are on hold.  However, we are very much looking forward to our virtual and/or hybrid conferences for early spring and summer. The virtual aspect also allows us to choose from a pool of compelling, nationally recognized speakers.  Please weigh in on topics that are of interest and relevant to you.  Past programs have addressed physician-assisted suicide, human trafficking, the ethics of genetics and medicine, and natural family planning, to name a few.  In the fall we have our annual White Mass and finally, we round out the year with the Advent retreat in winter. I look forward to seeing you at these events.

Thank you for your solidarity and support of the Baltimore Guild CMA.  Your continued membership is imperative.  Each of our voices joined together becomes a loud cry that urges every clinician to embrace and respect the dignity of every human person. We want to continue to grow our Guild.  Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.  Let us be a bright, visible light of Christ in our medical community.

There is a printed version of the membership renewal registration.  If you prefer to use paper and check, please fill out the form and send a check via US mail.   If you prefer to renew electronically, please go to our website at, click on the registration tab at the far right and submit an electronic payment via PayPal.

Mary Ann Sorra, M.D.
BG-CMA President, 2022-2023